Livigno - Mota Hospitality in Livigno

a wonderful land to explore

Livigno is the pearl of the Valtellina, one of the finest Alpine resorts, located between the Stelvio and Swiss National Parks.

A weekend or a holiday here is a chance to explore a town and area with the perfect blend of modernity and tradition, glamour and warm hospitality. As well as the wonderful winter ski resort, with excellent snow levels on pistes from 1800 to 3000 metres above sea level, Livigno is also an ideal location in summer and at other times of year. The mountains, the pristine natural surroundings, the sincere, hospitable spirit of the people, the excellent amenities and the good food make it a favourite destination with couples, who can have unforgettable holidays here combining walking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, entertainment and relaxation.

Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

CIR: 014037-ALB-0007

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