Nature and Glamour, the spectacular outdoor terraces of Mota - Mota Hospitality in Livigno

Nature and Glamour, the spectacular outdoor terraces of Mota

At Mota we have a peculiar passion for beautiful things and small details, which contribute in transforming a pleasant stay into an unforgettable one. Marginal earnings, sportsmen would say, perhaps those who love running and walking in the mountains during the summer or skiing in winter, always with the desire to improve, the same that we put in place every day. It was precisely with the idea of offering an ever higher level experience and of making the most of the natural spectacle of Livigno that the idea of the Icegarden was born, an outdoor terrace lit by the sun all day and which during the winter season is the Mota's gateway to the slopes. The best for every ski lover who can go from the hotel to the slope in just a few steps and then on the way back stop among our alpine-style solid wood tables to have a drink or enjoy a dish from our bistro.

In the summer, however, the Icegarden loses the ice but remains a lush green garden, a corner where you can indulge in a little relaxation away from the chaos of the city center, with the scents of aromatic plants from our garden and the flower beds characterized by typical vegetation of the Livigno area. The ideal place to enjoy a lunch in the sun or an aperitif at sunset.

But the attention to detail, the pursuit of marginal gains, doesn't stop there. If the ice-garden is the Mota hospitality area dedicated to nature, our Dehor directly overlooking the Livigno shopping promenade is instead characterized by a more lively, informal, and at times festive atmosphere; the Dehor is the perfect meeting point for a chat over a cocktail evening, for a top-quality lunch with dishes prepared by our chefs, and in the summer for a spectacular breakfast in the sun before diving headlong into the thousand attractions of Livigno.

The Icegarden and the Dehor are not just the external views of the Mota hotel, they are different views of Livigno: one aimed at the most pristine soul and the other dedicated to the more glamorous one; taking care of the smallest details of these two spaces and what for us contributes to adding that touch of magic capable of making a stay at the Mota an experience to tell.

Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

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