July 1, 2024: The new menu arrives at Mota Restaurant & Wine - Mota Hospitality in Livigno

July 1, 2024: The new menu arrives at Mota Restaurant & Wine

July will be a month full of news for Mota, starting right from day 1 with the grand return of Restaurant & Wine, enriched by a brand-new tasting menu created by Chef Federico Maglio.

Every day at Mota, we bring fresh ingredients into the kitchen, which we handle with utmost respect for their quality. These ingredients are the primary source of inspiration for our Chef in crafting each dish and the entire culinary journey.

Experience, study, and experimentation are the driving forces that push us to continually raise the bar and, why not, even dare to create a truly surprising experience that can contribute to making a stay at Mota unforgettable.

The new à la carte menu ranges from great classics of Valtellina cuisine, such as sciatt and pizzoccheri, to dishes from the national culinary tradition, such as eggplant parmigiana, presented here by Chef Federico Maglio with an added touch of originality that makes them even more special.

The new tasting menu, as we love to do, will tell a story of culinary artistry, delightful and intoxicating like a stroll along the paths surrounding Livigno; each dish will be a discovery accompanied by the most interesting selections from our wine cellar, curated by our new Sommelier, Gaia, who from this season will join Raffaele in guiding you through the world of wine.

Mota Restaurant & Wine awaits you from July 1st. Are you already feeling hungry?

Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

CIR: 014037-ALB-0007

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