What to drink in Livigno at Mota's

Mota's tips on what to drink during Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holiday season is approaching, that time of year when we find ourselves, almost without realizing it, immersed in dinners, lunches, aperitifs, parties, and various occasions to come together and toast, giving ourselves a moment of relaxation and fun after a year at full speed.

At Mota, we are fully prepared for this Christmas, and above all, we can't wait to recommend the right wine to pair with one of the superb creations of our Chef Federico Maglio, or a top-notch sparkling wine to go big, the perfect beer to replenish after a day of skiing, or the gin that best suits your taste buds.

So here are Mota's tips on what to drink during the holidays, straight from the shelves of our Wine Cellar, always available for direct purchases and last-minute gifts...

Red wine - Ca' Morei by Fay

When it comes to red wines, we can only celebrate a label and a winery, Marco Fay, to which we are very attached. For us, this Cru (a wine produced using exclusively grapes from a single vineyard) is always at the top of the recommendation list; the Ca Morei, aged for more than two years in large and small wooden barrels before finishing the refinement in the bottle, is certainly a great expression of Valtellina, especially to be enjoyed with light Valtellina dishes. Try it at Christmas lunch, even with national-popular dishes...

Sparkling wine - Cuveè Nature by Nicola Gatta

Nicola Gatta is nicknamed the "Pope of Gussago", perhaps because his Cuveè Nature has direct connections to paradise. This classic method, resting for thirty months on the lees, combines the perfect care of the vines with the French wisdom of blending Pinot Noir with Chardonnay, which in simple terms makes Cuveè Nature perfect to drink at any time, even for breakfast, perhaps paired with a nice Far Öer salmon, as our most knowledgeable customers well know... don't believe it? Try the champion's breakfast on Christmas morning...

Beer - 72 by Revertis

One of Mota's strengths is the splendid Snow Garden, which during the winter season allows direct access to the slopes and, above all, a break between descents to enjoy a dish from our Bistro or a drink to regain strength. In this case, we always recommend the homemade hamburger and 72 by Revertis, an American Pale Ale beer produced in Valtellina with passion and a touch of madness, only with natural products and American hops that add complexity but at the same time make it easy to drink. In case you were wondering why it's called 72, you should know that Revertis beers are named with a number corresponding to the relative bitterness index, from 0 to 100, according to the International Bitterness Unit... you can tell this to your friends while sipping a 72 in our Snow Garden...

Gin - 209

In recent years, Gin has become a product of excellence, and the gin and tonic, for years overlooked and often prepared with poor products, is now one of the best ways for both the preparer and the taster to explore endless worlds of aromas and flavors. Among the myriad choices at Mota, we always play it safe with a good 209, a gin produced in San Francisco and now present for ten years in our bar. The 209 represents the perfect compromise between aromas and drinkability, excellent also for refreshing yourself after a wellness treatment or a sauna in our Wellness Area.

(Bonus Tip) - Americano

However, we couldn't conclude the tips on what to drink during the holidays without a mention, perhaps a bit obvious but necessary, for the Aperitivo King, His Majesty the Americano, a cocktail that, as the best teach, seems simple to prepare but, like all simple things, is actually very complex to perfect. At Mota, we prepare it with Vermouth Mancino and Campari balanced by the magical touch of our Bar Lady Elisa, perfect to make your Christmas aperitif unique and start the party in the right way...

Please, drink responsibly, and drink well! But if you come to Mota for a drink, rest assured that you're always in good hands!

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