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The Fantastic 4 natural wine to taste at Mota

Arranging the shelves of the wine shop is one of the favorite activities at Mota, especially when it comes to adding new labels: small great discoveries that have excited us and that we can't wait to let our guests taste. In particular, our passion and research are increasingly focusing on natural wines, and lately, we have tasted quite a few.

So today we would like to try to tell you about the 4 natural wines that have caught our attention in recent months (and also that of our guests who have been lucky enough to taste them).

Intrepid 22 - Emiliano Baroldi

Amphorae, volleyball, and white shirts, you could summarize Emiliano Baroldi's world like this, a producer and at the same time manager of a historic winery in Mori in Trentino, a place where they try to educate people on the tasting of quality wine accompanied by sophisticated pairings.

A past as a volleyball player and bartender for Emiliano Baroldi who has toured the clubs of half the world, and a present made of great wines, like the Intrepid, a Bordeaux blend (50% Cabernet Franc and 50% Merlot) vinified and aged separately in terracotta amphorae on their skins. The use of amphorae helps to preserve the characteristics of the wine giving it an authenticity that reflects the terroir, an approach to winemaking that allows the Intrepid to narrate the story of the territory it comes from with every sip.

Emiliano Baroldi is now known as the winemaker with the white shirt because he's one who never gives up his white shirt, even when he's in the cellar dealing with dirty work: legend has it that despite everything, his shirt always remains immaculate.


Valgella 2020 - Alessio Magi

When the stars align and years like 2020 come along where grape production is favored by almost perfect climatic conditions, that's when great reds like the Valgella 2020 from the Alessio Magi winery come to life.

In Valtellina, they don't joke with red wines, and the Valgella 2020 definitely plays in the big league: composed of 90% Nebbiolo and 10% native varieties (Pignola, Brugnola, Rossola), this full-bodied and persistent wine fully represents one of the most interesting wine realities in the Valtellina landscape.

The Magi agricultural company, born in 2008, is committed to integrated pest management, avoiding the use of chemical herbicides and opting for organic fertilization. This environmentally friendly approach reflects the genuine character of the Valgella 2020.


Rosso di Valtellina 22 - Bastian Cuntrari

If you're looking for a wine different from all the others, an experience that goes against the tide, then the Rosso di Valtellina 22 by Bastian Cuntrari is the one for you.

The Bastian Cuntrari agricultural company stands out, as the name suggests, for an eccentric and stubbornly contrary soul, but above all for the production of never banal wines, born in the heart of the areas with the Valtellina Superiore denomination.

Michele and Patrik, the winemakers of Bastian Cuntrari, have always been attentive to nature and sustainability, adopting small strategic measures to safeguard the environment, such as regular mowing that avoids the use of herbicides and the use of pheromones to repel insects.

The result of this work, the Rosso di Valtellina, is a wine that stands out for its clarity and verticality, with a pleasant acidity that gives balance and liveliness to the palate.


Cahors 21 - Chateau Combel La Serre

For enthusiasts of French wines, the Chateau Combel De La Serre winery will be a pleasant discovery. Perched in the heart of Occitania, in southwestern France, a land of great charm and great mystique, Chateau Combel De La Serre extends over 22 hectares dedicated to Melbec with a small part cultivated with Vermentino.

The Cahors 21 is an excellent example of the work of this company, focused for years on the production of natural wines, through sustainable farming and the use of indigenous yeasts and artisanal methods. But besides this, the great strength that makes the wines of Chateau Combel De La Serre unmissable is given by the terroir characterized by its varied compounds of gravel, sand, clay, and limestone rich in minerals that give complexity to the wine.

For this reason, the Cahors 21 is perhaps our favorite natural wine of the moment, a wine with a fruity, simple, and genuine taste.

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