Our facial treatment makes your beauty shine! - Mota Hospitality in Livigno

Our facial treatment makes your beauty shine!

Let yourself be enveloped by the regenerating sensation of advanced skincare with our innovative biphasic mask. Designed to provide deep hydration to the delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté, this exclusive formula is the secret to a silky, luminous and incredibly fresh complexion.

The mask, enriched with highly hydrating and nourishing ingredients, penetrates deep into the skin tissues, restoring firmness and reducing the appearance of the first signs of aging. Its light and silky texture blends gently with the skin, creating a protective veil that nourishes and regenerates.

Experience the luxury of deeply hydrated, visibly firmer and brighter skin. Rediscover your natural beauty with the biphasic mask, the secret to a beauty ritual that goes beyond the surface, penetrating the heart of your skin to give you a radiant, silky and fresh complexion.

Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

CIR: 014037-ALB-0007

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