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One summer day at Mota

Livigno offers a sea (even though we are in the mountains) of activities for all tastes, and the Mota is undoubtedly one of the ideal starting points to fully enjoy a vacation.

We are in the heart of the city center, on Via Ostaria, a location that shopping enthusiasts will particularly appreciate as they will find plenty to satisfy their cravings while strolling among the shops of the best brands.

Nevertheless, sports enthusiasts will also be spoiled for choice among the various sports activities that can be practiced in Livigno, such as running, mountain biking, downhill, swimming, and much more. At Mota, we are also equipped for this with a brand new E-Bike selection dedicated to athletes of all levels.

For those seeking a bit of relaxation, there are wellness facilities available, but without going too far, at Mota we complete the offer for our guests with access to an exclusive wellness area where the best massages and treatments are available.

Finally, we do not forget the gourmets who, primarily at the Mota Restaurant & Wine, will have the opportunity to taste great traditional and non-traditional gastronomic offerings, accompanied by excellent wines.

But what is a typical day at Mota like?

It begins with a sweet awakening in one of our rooms with a view of the beautiful mountains of Livigno.

It continues with a rich sweet breakfast with organic products and, why not, with some delicious savory options like Brasc carola, the typical bresaola of Livigno.

Now that we are rested and refreshed, we can go for an e-bike ride along the bike path or explore some nature trails.

The important thing is to return in time for lunch because the Mota Bistrot always offers appetizing, well-prepared dishes, with a constant eye on local ingredients.

In the afternoon, nothing is better than a wellness treatment in our wellness area, accompanied by qualified operators and high-quality products.

Before the aperitif, there's just enough time to take a stroll along the shops on Via Ostaria before returning to Mota to enjoy a special dinner at the Mota Restaurant and Wine.

A final drink at the Mota Bistrot is just what you need to end a vacation day beautifully.

It will be a wonderful summer in Livigno, even more so for those who choose to spend it at Mota!


Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

CIR: 014037-ALB-0007

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