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The Wellness Area of Mota Livigno

Within a vacation in Livigno, among the countless activities possible, it's essential to carve out a moment in the day to dedicate to one's well-being in the truest sense. At Mota, we believe that rest and relaxation for both mind and body are the keys to a successful stay. That's why we offer our guests a well-equipped and comfortable wellness area, enriched by the best aesthetic treatments and a wide range of massages.

Pool and Whirlpool

The pool overlooking the wellness area, the starting point for every wellness journey, features five different water features, a dedicated area for plantar whirlpool, and one designed to provide an enveloping circular massage. The saltwater whirlpool not only offers an additional relaxation experience but also benefits both the skin and respiratory tract.

Saunas, Steam Bath, and Relaxation Area

In Mota's wellness offering, the Finnish Sauna, relaxing and regenerating, couldn't be missing, alongside the Mountain Herb Sauna, a unique experience with healing and calming effects. A visit to the Steam Bath is ideal for detoxing and clearing the respiratory tract while improving blood circulation. At the end of the journey, a cozy Relaxation Room with soft lights and ambient music allows guests to unwind for a moment of total rest and, why not, meditation, followed by enjoying an excellent mountain herbal tea.


At Mota, massages are a true philosophy of well-being, an experience that engages all five senses and comes in various forms:

Relaxing Massages

Our relaxing massages offer numerous benefits: they stimulate the body's energy, reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation, treat anxiety states, and lower stress levels.

Energizing Massages

Energizing massages help face the day with renewed energy, release nerve tensions, and stimulate metabolism by oxygenating tissues.

Ayurvedic Massages

To restore physiological balance, Ayurvedic massages are ideal. The Ayurvedic technique has ancient roots, consisting of personalized treatments based on a person's biotypology.

Couples Wellness

A romantic experience and harmonious relaxation with your partner. Couples massages are available in Swedish, relaxation, and aroma choices.


Mota's wellness professionals have developed numerous paths and treatments for all tastes, characterized by the use of a selection of high-quality products.

Body Treatments

The body needs care, and the best way to enjoy a mountain vacation is to start with body care. From exfoliation to massages, to cold and hot wraps, at Mota, you'll certainly find the tailored treatment for you.

Facial Treatments

Every day, our skin is exposed to external agents, wind, sun, especially in the mountains. Mota's facial treatments are the best answer to keep the skin clean, radiant, healthy, and regenerated.

Aesthetic Treatments

Manicure, pedicure, solarium, waxing. These are just a few of the aesthetic treatments you can find at Mota. A sweet pampering from skilled hands in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Ready for a vacation focused on relaxation?

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