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The 50 years of Mota | It was freezing cold, but we made it

2008 was a turning point for Mota. Certainly, there had been other significant moments in the past since its opening in 1973, spanning through the 80s and 90s, but in this case, we're truly talking about a decisive change that propelled Mota towards the future.

In 2008, Internazionale won its 16th Serie A title, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" hit the cinemas, and Jovanotti released a song destined to become a staple in Italian wedding playlists: "A te".

Easter of that year also marked the closure of the Mota hotel as it had been since 1973, and the beginning of its renovation. Led by Alessandro and Raffaele Rodigari, sons of Claudia and Flavio, who physically participated in the works, the demolition of the old structure began, followed by reconstruction.

As the new Mota started to rise from its foundations, it was already deep into autumn, and in Livigno, the temperatures became immediately prohibitive. It was a truly unforgettable moment for Raffaele, who still recalls the extreme conditions in which he and his brother Alessandro, two floors below street level, worked on tying the iron cages of reinforced concrete. It was freezing cold, Raffaele says with a smile and a shiver, but we made it.

After this initial phase where Alessandro and Raffaele personally got involved in building the new Mota, in the spring of 2009, the Rodigari brothers shifted their focus to the management phase of the structure, logistics, staff, and everything needed to run a successful hotel. They were supported, as they would be in the future, by their brother Massimiliano and sisters Eleonora and Barbaralice, as well as the indispensable contribution of Claudia and Flavio.

On August 18, 2018, exactly 365 days after the laying of the first stone of the new structure, Mota was reborn, with great ambitions and a strong desire to offer the best to its guests from every perspective, from the quality of the facilities to cutting-edge wellness areas, through to the pursuit of the best food and wine proposals that would increasingly highlight Mota in Livigno's hospitality scene.

From that moment, time flew by, with the dynamic Alessandro and Raffaele increasingly taking the lead in the management and decision-making process, always attentive to new developments and innovations to improve the guest experience every day.

Today, as it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, Mota is a dynamic and modern reality that makes quality and services its strengths, never forgetting the warmth and atmosphere of the old mountain hotel that has enchanted so many people.

The story continues, and indeed evolves, as by the end of 2023, Mota acquired another property in the nearby Valdidentro; a new adventure for Alessandro, Raffaele, and the entire Rodigari family, ready to build a true Mota Hospitality brand.

So much ground covered since that December 23, 1973...

Here's to another hundred years, Mota! Congratulations!

Via Ostaria 11
23041 Livigno (SO)

+39 0342 996091

CIR: 014037-ALB-0007

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